From the farm to the table.... naturally‚Äč

de-polymerization process where we identify and select the exact amounts of Auxins, Betaines and Cytokinins batch after batch, assuring the growers a constant supply of those nutrients years after years. Independent trials results show a 47% yield increase and a 99% weight increase in large tomatoes; and a 29% overall weight increase in cabbage. Also to be noted is the reduction of small fruit and increase in medium and large size fruit and vegetable which is what growers want, more uniformity in their crops.


Stimulagro is an organic seaweed extract with high levels and concentrations of Betaines, Cytokinins and Auxins all responsible for root development, plant health, increased yield and hydric stress. There are many seaweed based products on the market but what differentiate Stimulagro is the fact that we have identified and secured a unique location where the Asco Phylum Nodosum grows in an estuary in the extreme cold water of the St Laurence river enduring extreme weather changes and some of the strongest tides in the world. After selecting only the Asco Phylum Nodosum, we proceed to our unique