The history of Agro Research International begins many years ago in Colombia. As part of a US, Canadian and Colombian initiative, I helped farmers transition from growing coca for illicit drugs to legal and profitable crops. One crop stood above others: Stevia, the natural sweetener.

Growing Stevia transplants on my farm posed enormous challenges. Root growth was inconsistent and mortality rate high. I knew that without a solution this endeavor would fail. Then, a friend of mine mentioned seaweed extract. I began testing a number of these products; some worked well, others marginally. Overall, the results were mostly inconsistent. Being from Canada, where a lot of kelp is harvested, I began a search for a consistent, high quality seaweed extract. More trials and finally the jack-pot.

Soon, the Rice Federation, the Potato Federation and sugar cane growers in Colombia embraced the product. What they saw was dramatic yield increase and significantly fewer diseases. I named this extract Stimulagro and began selling it in South America. Along the way, I expanded the search for natural extracts with fungicidal, bactericidal, insecticidal and nematicidal properties. Thyme Guard was that product and soon became a hit. Later I introduced Stim Guard, a combination of the growth promoting properties of Stimulagro and the pesticidal properties of Thyme Guard.

Unfortunately, my extensive travels took a toll on my family who lived in Orlando, Florida. So I turned over my business to a reliable manager and opened an operation in Florida. The initial focus was tackling Citrus Greening, which is devastating the citrus industry. A  trial with Thyme Guard and Stim-Guard at Mid Florida Citrus Foundation proved very successful, resulting in an increase in yield of 46%, primarily due to a reduction in fruit drop. This caught the attention of growers, and soon thereafter the University of Florida, in conjunction with CRDF, was studying Thyme Guard as a potential solution for the disease. Today, Thyme Guard has become and is recognized as one of the most important ingredients in the fight against HLB and also the most effective product to fight PFD in citrus crops and many other diseases in all crops from Powdery Mildew to Fusarium and everything in between. Thyme Guard is also very effective as an insecticide for most sucking insects.

We are now in full product expansion mode with the introduction of Nem Guard, a liquid chitosan solution with biologics, which can be injected in drip irrigation systems to help increase SIR elicitors for plant health, Agro Gold, a proven unique blend of synergistically developed bacillus to regenerate the soil, promote growth, improve overall plant health and combat harmful pathogens, and Osmo Plus, a betaine osmolyte for drought stress relief.

Lastly and most importantly, Agro Research International’s rapid expansion could not have been possible without you, the farmers on this continent who trusted my recommendations, tried my products and saw incredible results season after season.

I profoundly thank you.

Marc Lajeunesse

Founder and CEO

Agro Research International is committed to the constant development of unique and natural formulations that will help the world grow better quality food through research, innovation and unique alliances worldwide.