Thyme Guard against Asian Citrus Psyllid

Thyme Guard is a broad spectrum bactericide, fungicide and insecticide (against small sucking insects such as aphids, mites and whiteflies).

It contains two phenols which destroy membranes of fungi and bacteria; and two terpenes, which destroy insect trachea, eggs and binds to GABA, a neurotransmitter.

Thyme Guard also has two systemic modes of action against bacteria and fungi, But it is strictly a contact mode of action for the insecticidal activity.

An October 2017 trial at the UF-IFAS research station in Immokalee, nine products, (experimental and on the market), including Thyme Guard were tested against the Asian citrus psyllid.

Thyme Guard performed very well against the other products and was ranked frequently in the statistical (a) or (ab) classes.

Products were applied on October 9th and count dates and results are reflected in the charts below.

Thyme Guard was ranked third in dead/flush.

This data shows that although citrus growers are using Thyme Guard to fight HLB, canker and other diseases, they are also getting insecticidal activity, which helps reduce the overall cost per acre of the bactericidal, fungicidal and insecticidal product expense.