We are pleased and proud to announce the launch of our new WEED SLAYER, a unique organic broad spectrum, systemic herbicide. The product has been extensively tested in FL, California, Up State New York, the Pacific North West and Central America with great success.


After a long period of time testing WEED SLAYER in several climates, soils and varieties of weeds and grasses of all kinds, we are now ready to officially introduce WEED SLAYER to the world.


We are talking about a broad spectrum, non-selective and systemic natural and organic herbicide. WEED SLAYER comes in a combo pack A and B made of Organic Eugenol, Molasses and a very powerful and proprietary bio surfactant that transports the Eugenol throughout the plant and to the root system within 7 to 10 days brining the plant to a total death. Residuality has been observed for several weeks and even up to 3 months without creating any soil toxicity.


This new unique formulation is a game changer for the industry and the world and confirms Agro Research’s commitment to the constant development of unique and Natural formulations in compliance with our mission statement:

To help the world grow more and always better-quality food through research, innovations and unique alliances worldwide.


Vision statement

To be a global industry leader developing unique natural and organic formulations in the Agriculture, Food safety Animal Health and Turf world, reducing environmental impact.