Nem Guard Gold is a blend of chitosan (liquid shrimp meal) and bacillus chitinosporous.  

Chitosan is reconized to improve soil and plant health. But wait…There is much more.

Two years ago the University of Idaho performed a potted tomato trial with Nem Guard Gold and found that the treated plants had 47% more dry root weight than the untreated check. That is significant.

Now Reality Research in upstate New York just finished its Nem Guard Gold trial with apples.

Four replications, treatments consisted of Black Crown Plus, Black Crown Plus and Agro Gold (our 9 bacillus PGPR cocktail), Nem Guard Gold and untreated check, applied June 21. Measurement were taken in July and October. Black Crown plus is a mix of Humic Acid and Accomplish™ by Loveland.

ITC: Increase in trunk diameter in inches                ITCSA: Increase in trunk cross sectional area in

ITD ITCSA  % growth # limbs aggregate
Untreated check 0.03 0.13 0.153846 3.75 0.075
Black Crown Plus 0.03 0.16 0.068276 5.75 0.062814
BCP & Agro Gold 0.06 0.27 0.096256 4 0.103956
Nem Guard Gold 0.09 0.47 0.092931 4.5 0.196549


The average trunk size of the untreated was smaller than the other three treated plots and those trees grew the fastest yet had the smallest growth of limbs. In an ideal situation you want a tree with sufficiently large trunk to support a large amount of limbs. Skinny, tall and no limbs or skinny and too many limbs are not desirable.

The next graph takes an aggregate of increase in cross sectional diameter, % tree height growth and number of limbs to quantify the best balance among desired outcomes.

Pretty impressive.

Now we can apply this information to any tree crops, vines, fruit and vegetable plants.

So let’s look at citrus tree resets. In this case the goal is to grow the tree very rapidly to increase ROI prior to tree decline due to HLB. How much would this cost to the grower? At a 2 quart rate per acre, with 200 trees per acre: $0.25 per tree. Pretty affordable program, wouldn’t you say?